What Is a 3DPropertyScan

What service does 3DPropertyScan.ie provide

3D Property Scan is an industry-specific outsource service provider offering a 3D 360 Digital Scanning Service to the professional services market.

We serve the Forensic Engineering, Loss Adjusting, Underwriting and Asset Recovery sectors.

Secure 3D Virtual Platform

We utilise a secure 3D virtual platform to store and display images, and our fully trained technicians use 3D HDR cameras to freeze the loss scene in time.

We replicate the property’s “digital twin” using Cortex AI technology and data from the HDR survey renders an accurate reproduction of the scene to allow for seamless collaboration and clarity. 

Our 3D 360 Property Scan will allow you to immerse off-site collaborators to the loss scene and will enable investigators, litigators and collaborators understand the asset’s, therefore, improving efficiency, clarity and transparency. Even years after the assets have been reinstated.

Insurer benefits of using our 3D scanning service

  • 99% accurate site Measurements and detailed floor plans, cutting down on wastage and leakage.
  • Integration into the Xactimate estimating software for efficient and accurate estimating
  • Best in class ‘Digital Twin’ of the asset, complete visual and dimensional documentation.
  • Provide crucial evidence and data to aid the 3rd party recovery process
  • Eliminate guesswork around damage and property particulars.
  • Simpler to manage and easier to understand the asset, preferable than having to navigate hundreds of photos in isolation 
High defininition imagary enables zoom for close up inspections
Make notes in the scan for reference and to share
  • Ability to tag any areas of the footage for seamless referencing, embed links and additional information for sharing with other stakeholders in the claims process.
  • Perfect tool to illustrate the loss to people not directly associated with the claim- Lawyers, Claims Handlers, Barristers, mediators etc
  • Can be used to investigate fraud and can be provided to the authorities to help prosecute
  • Fewer disputes by promoting a more collaborative approach
  • Increase operational transparency with the ability to share 3D spaces to different stakeholders. 
  • Boost adjusting quality by enabling collaborators to review and navigate the asset remotely with accurate property dimensions.
  • Improve audit controls and assist with ongoing training
  • Eliminate human error and reduce leakage
  • Create court-admissible documentation with spaces that cannot be manipulated.
  • Review jobs remotely and reduce time travelling to sites.
  • Covid Friendly- Less people required onsite
  • Reduce sketch time
  • Bring the jury to the scene with 3D walkthroughs.
Take measurements from 3D Property Scan
Take accurate measurements from the 3D scan, no need to go back to the scene

Home House Fire

3DPropertyScan.ie Workflow Partner Process

  • Once you have identified a suitable property for scanning, you can send instructions for scan by email and/or telephone 
  • We will arrange complete onsite scan within the specified timeframe
  • Our team will then edit annotate and send you your model, and schematics within 1-2 working days. 
  • We avoid conflicts of interest by only acting for one party per loss
  • We provide the scan licence for two years with the option to extend if necessary

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